What’s in a name?

My dear old friend Bill Shakespeare couldn’t have written more fitting words. What is in a name? Its something we carry with us, but we rarely use it (unless that is you like talking in third person).

For many reasons this blog is called Royaliris and I thought for my first post I might talk just a little bit about it. Don’t worry just yet. The rest of the blog should be a bit more interesting. I hope. 

First off, Irises are not only my FAVORITE flower of all time (step aside lavender), but they’re also my birth flower along with violets . I recently discovered there was even such a thing which lemme tell you made MY day.

Not to mention its all PURPLE. Another favorite of mine as well as being close to the birthstone color as well. Amethyst.

sigh– Gotten the idea I love purple yet?  Nope? Well I’m just getting started here.

Purple is also the color of royalty. Usually worn by kings and queens and other royal family members. I firmly believe I am daughter of the most high king of kings. So I claim purple as my color now. [FUN FACT: Did you know that the Archbishop of Cyprus is allowed to sign official papers in purple ink.]

Purple is also the color of a cause becoming near and dear to my heart- March of Dimes foundation and also Trisomy 18. Due to personal experiences I feel very strongly for these two and I am delighted to find out that their colors are also purple and white.

So now you know why I am proud purple royal iris.


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